CREATED BY I AM is not just about the planner

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CREATED BY I AM is not just about the planner, it’s also about a mission. 🙌

My name is Eva @evamence, I’m a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to a little girl who came into our lives just 3 weeks ago. 🤗
But above all this – I am a child of God and since I realized that 5 years ago, I’ve carried a beautiful desire in my heart, a desire to create something beautiful for women’s heart. 💗
There was a time when I would search for my worth and true identity and would identify myself with different roles based on achievements, life status or being noticed by others, but when I looked at what God said who I really was, I found a real freedom and joy. Since then I had this dream of every women being aware of what is God’s Word saying about them. 🙏
There were multiple options I was considering, like a book, an audio, some kind of teaching or anything else that would make my dream come true, but there it was.. a planner. Something a women would use on a daily base while organizing everyday duties plus not leaving her spiritual fulfillment aside. 👑
The ultimate decision point of getting into this idea was the excitement of seeing women’s changing hearts, shaping their minds in the light of the Word during the female meeting I was organizing, and.. here we are!
It is the I AM planner I am holding in my hands, the planner which holds so much of my heart, the planner which leads me to the next dream already.. 🌸
I would be more than pleased to know that this planner has not only helped You to manage your everyday life, but also assisted in not losing focus of the most important thing in our life – our God.👑

What about coming together and sharing our stories, our testimonies thus inspiring others? 💐