…the most important thing for me was to find who I am

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…the most important thing for me was to find who I am. My paths to this answer was quite long and it took a lot of my energy.
And now when I am with God and I know the truth about myself, I am the happiest person in the world.

Lord forgives me,
Lord guides me,
Lord protects me,
Lord blesses me.

He teaches me his ways and guides my thoughts, words and actions. That’s why the idea of Created by I Am planner was born to be even closer to God in your daily life. It is so important to feel loved each second of your life, to be yourself, and see yourself just the way God sees You❤

I use the planner everyday and I love that I can track my goals and plans. I know that God has a plan for me and it won’t fail.

The prayer pages are my favourite, because it is so amazing that I can pray for my friends and family. Sometimes they fight battles they never talk to me about. This way I can cover them in prayers. ❤
Dear Ladies, You ALL are beautiful!

Don’t be afraid to shine! There is always someone who needs Your Light!
Created by I Am planner reminds us of this and is exactly what we need!

Iveta ❤